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HunzoNager is the most beautifull place in the north of islmicrepublic of pakistan.The Nagar Valley is seventh district of Gilgit-Baltistan Located in Northern area of Pakistan. The district comprises Hunza and Nagar. Nagar division is started form Chaprot valley. Next valley is called Chalt. In north a small valley is in between two rocks is called Budalas.
 On south right side Skandarabad valley. Next valley is Nilt. Next is Thul and Gulmet is the popular tourist attraction in Nagar. Next valleys arePisun, Minapin, Miacher and Dadimal. Ali abad is beside of Sumayar valley and next is Karim abad. In these valleys most of people are spoken Burushaski. Next is called Asqurdas and Next valley is called Somayar. 
Next Valleys are Nagar (Khas) and hopper and Hisper. Golden peak in located in Hisper valley. 
The valley is situated at an elevation of 2,438m (7,999 feet). Nagar Khas is the main town and the capital of the former state of Nagar. The Spantik peak (Golden peak) can easily be seen from here. Rakaposhi Peak is Located in Nagar height of 7,788m (25,561). The climate of Nagar remains pleasant from mid-April to the end of September. The maximum temperature in summer during the day is 13°C. The weather becomes very cold during the winter, mainly from October to end of March. 
The minimum temperature can be -14°C........

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